Cloudy day in Deal

On a cloudy day we decided to go to the seaside in Deal, what a brilliant idea. We arrived in a cloudy, cold, desolate piece of land covered with pebbles that English people dare to call “beach”. We didn’t  even brought swimsuits so we just sit down, “admired” the landscape and then went back in the car.

I drop off in the centre of Deal to have a further look around. Somehow the little town reminds me of Greece: it has narrow streets filled with mostly white or skyblue houses and it’s by the seaside. But there are also brick houses (typical of England) and almost every time I went there it was cloudy so you can definitely  tell it’s not Greece! Hahah

My outfit perfectly matched the place and the weather, but I swear I didn’t do it on purpose haha. I wore my blue Abercrombie jumpsuit that I bought in Ashford. I am nuts about it. It’s just one of the most comfortable clothes in my entire wardrobe, it feels like I’m in my pyjamas! Nevertheless it’s very stylish and trendy, I totally recommend  it! As it was chilly and windy I had to add a crop top sweater (you can’t see it but the jumpsuit is sleeveless).

Unfortunately my jumpsuit is sold out online 😦 but this one is identical except fot the color:

You can have a look at the pictures below, thanks for reading xx

CIMG6007 (2)
I took a photograph like this a few months ago but I was helding a flower and I was in the mountains 😅
CIMG6010 (2)
The “beach”
CIMG6022 (2)
My new jumpsuit, partly covered by the sweater


CIMG6012 (2)

I’m so in love with these shoes! And they matched perfectly some of the stones haha

CIMG6028 (2)

CIMG6011 (2)

CIMG6036 (2)

Houses/hotels/pub in the main square close to the sea… flourishing

CIMG6033 (2)
So many flours… it would have been nicer in a sunny day
CIMG6047 (2)
I felt in love with this house
CIMG6055 (2)
Typical street of Deal

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