Deal and Sandwich

*Italiano dopo le foto*

In the last couple of days I’ve been working during the morning and then doing quick visits of towns near Dover.

On day 2, Friday, we sightsaw Deal (yeah, that’s the name of a town) where I saw more seagulls then people. 

Yesterday (day 3) we went to a town called Sandwich where apparently the invented the first sandwich. We went there just to eat a sandwich but we couldn’t actually find a place where they made them (so weird) so I ended up buying a muffin at Costa hahah.

CIMG5585 (2)
The seafront of Deal
CIMG5591 (2)
One of the inhabitants
CIMG5590 (2)
He was staring at me, I swear
CIMG5587 (2)
Just some random cute houses
and some others
CIMG5584 (2)
CIMG5607 (2)

CIMG5603 (2)CIMG5611 (2)

CIMG5610 (2)
I don’t understand the connection between flowers and culture… but this window was cute

CIMG5609 (2)CIMG5613 (2)

CIMG5608 (2)
When we finally found a sandwich shop I had already eaten the muffin. Too bad.

Ho passato gli ultimi giorni lavorando la mattina e poi facendo gite veloci in paesini vicino a Dover il pomeriggio.

Venerdì (day 2) abbiamo girovagato per Deal, una cittadina sul mare dove ho visto più gabbiani che persone.

Ieri (day 3) siamo andati invece in una città chiamata Sandwich dove a quanto pare hanno inventato il primo panino. Siamo andati fin là solo per dire di aver mangiato un sandwich a Sandwich ma non siamo riusciti a trovare un posto dove li facessero… così ho finito per comprare un muffin da Costa ahah.


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